Monday, April 15, 2013

Spending Money Monday

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So, very fortunately for me, the past week has been a book buying week. I finally got to some of the books I bought about a year ago and started reading them. It started with Shatter Me I bought the book a long time ago and I suddenly had just decided, I am finally going to read that! Well, when I finished I couldn't just sit around and twidle my fingers so I bought Destroy Me, and I fell even more madly in love! I bet you all can guess where I am going next, so yes I bought Unravel Me. I devoured these books and never even thought to come up for air, food or water. Basically I was useless to the world.

Now, I didn't think those books could be topped. I thought I am just going to be sitting around for an entire YEAR waiting for the 2.5 and the 3rd of the Shatter Me series to come out. That is when I started reading Partials. And a whole new world was burst wide open. I had bought Partials at the same time as Shatter me a long time ago. Always thinking they would be good books but I had been on a realistic fiction YA kick, so they didn't really fit my needs at the time. But wow, they were great. So of course immediately after I read Partials I bought Fragments and Isolation. And again I was not left disappointed. 

 Now, along with the former purchases of Partials and Shatter Me I bought another book Grave Mercy, and just like the others it was amazing and I had to buy Dark Triumph. All these books sat inside my precious nook for so long without being read and now they have been with their sequels not long behind. Now I await the arrival of what is next to come in all three series! It will be a long wait but in the end it will be worth it.

So now, after I have finished all these books in the last week, I was thinking to myself...'What could possibly be next?' After a few hours of searching on Goodreads, I found the answer. And unlike the other series all three books of the Trilogy are already released so it looks like there will be no wait for me once I am finished. I bought the book Obsidian. And I checked, all of the Lux series is on sale on nook book for $4.99 so once I finish this one I will surely be buying the rest!
On a side note, doesn't the girl on the cover of Obsidian look a lot like the girl on the covers of Partials and Fragments. Just saying, maybe it's the outfit but man I wonder what this girls face looks like!

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Happy Reading

Kelley Lee


  1. Kelley! I absolutely adored Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph, they were great books that picked me up form my reading slump not too long ago :)

    Haven't seen you in the blogosphere for so long! Really love your posts ;)

    I'm off to check out Shatter Me *winks*

    1. I know! It has been forever, but I am back to it. You will not be disappointed with Shatter Me! Review soon to come.