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Hey everyone! As you've guessed, this is my blog. My name is Kelley, thank you so much for stopping by and taking an interest.

3 1/2 - Sammy
2 1/2 - Villa
This blog is purely dedicated to my reviews. I am all about spreading the word of how I feel about a book and that is what I am here to do.

Currently I live in Minnesota, also known as Minni-Snow-ta. Major emphasis on the SNOW. I have three dogs, whom I love with all my heart. And will be scattered around throughout this page. I am a writer and an aspiring author. I have another blog called Stay Up, which is all about my own personal writing experience, and also what I tend to find inspiration in. In addition to my passion for writing, I have a passion for photography and also photo editing. I am a creative person, and cannot imagine living in a world were creativity isn't the driving force of everything.

15 - Ebony (This is my baby, she is
the first dog I have ever had, and still
going strong!)
If you ever want to contact me, you can email me at Kelley.Lee@live.com or you can check out my Goodreads Page.

I don't really enjoy facebook, but if I ever decide to go back to that type of social networking I will be sure to update it here.

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