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Banished from Grace

Goodreads Summary:
Nardia is a young woman who woke up in an abandoned building over four hundred years ago when the plague was sweeping England. It was at this time she discovered that she had a special gift. She could heal the sick with her bare hands. Fast forward to the present day she has not aged and has no recollection of who she is and why she can perform miracles.
Life should be easy for Nardia, she is young and beautiful and could get any man she wanted, she just didn’t expect for two wonderful men to show so much interest at the same time. Nardia is confused and worries that making the wrong choice between the men could have disastrous consequences . One of these men is deceitful and has his own agenda and has not told the truth from the moment they met.

Title: Banished from Grace
Author: Aria Williams
Rating: 3 Stars


The Characters -
AJ was a great character, he is definitely the reason this book received three stars. He is the kind of guy that is dream worthy. I wish there were more men like AJ in the world, real-life and fiction. He has a lot of depth and is overall a great person. He is my favorite character in this whole novel and he is the main reason I want to read the next one in the series.

Nardia was likable enough. I wasn't a fan of her snarky attitude towards other women, even when mentioning you are just being objective it is still mentioning it and looking down on others. This didn't happen very much, but just enough to catch my notice.

Doctor Raegen was...he is really hard to describe. He was shy and reserved in the beginning and grew in his confidence and comfortability as he and Nardia grew closer. Honestly, in the beginning I didn't really care for him, but towards the end he turned it up a bit. I still don't love him like AJ, but I think he would be an alright friend. I didn't care for his taste in friends, nor his attitude towards Nardia after hearing rumors. But I did like that he stood behind her even when doubt clogged his mind.

The Plot -
The story moved very slow and I didn't get the big climax I was hoping for, but it was paced evenly enough. I was confused on a few parts, regarding her daughter and what she decided in the end, so I am going to have to get that clarified in the next novel, but I assume these endings will be tied together later in the series. I would have liked more from this story, with all the build up we could have had a larger bang in the end. The idea behind this story is great, I love the healing quality and angels being brought to life. The forbidden nature of it all, it is magical and mysterious. The characters were real, they could be anyone around you, anyone you run into. Williams did a great job bringing real life characteristics into the novel. 

My Outlook -
This story is told to you. Never shown to you, it is all said through Nardia. There isn't one interaction we get to experience for ourselves through description. Just through narration. It was like Nardia was sitting in front of me telling me this story. So that was a big frustration, it is much more enjoyable to actually live the story with the character instead of just being told what is happening. The best way to describe this sensation is like if I was blind and watching a movie with only someone there to tell me what is happening. You get so much more connection and you feel more when you actually live it. I hope this improves for the next ones. 

Summary - 
The cons in this novel were that the climax, wasn't climactic enough, we could have gotten more from this story. The story was told to us, we didn't live it. 

The pros, AJ is the best. A great character to read and experience in a story. The premise and the outline of this story is very intriguing. I wanted more and I enjoyed what this book was about. Even for a paranormal type of book it was realistic and the characters were down to earth <- lol literally!

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