Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Goodreads Summary:
1,135,789. That’s how many subscribers sixteen-year-old West Ryder has on his web vlog series. But he only has eyes for one of them.  
As one of the internet’s most prestigious video bloggers, West talks about high school relationships under the name “Sam Green.” As far as he knows, no one from school, not even his best friend, Cat, has seen his videos. But the highlight of the whole thing is Harper Knight, who comments every day at exactly 2:02 in the afternoon. He doesn’t know anything about her aside from the occasional deep philosophical messaging on why pizza tastes so delicious, but as stupid as it sounds, he might be falling for her. So when they finally agree to meet in real life, West’s hope for romance seems more and more in reach. But that all changes as soon as he arrives at their meeting spot and sees Cat walking toward him, wearing the same “I <3 Sam Green” T-shirt Harper promised she'd have on. 
To his alarm, West realizes he is falling in love with the best friend who has always been a sister to him.

Title: Click to Subscribe
Author: L.M. Augustine
Release Date: May 9th
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WARNING: Reading this book will cause random bouts of laughter. Extreme cravings of Vanilla Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles (because they make the world go round) and may endanger Old Lady's walking along the street.  Read at your own risk!

The warning is for your own good, I just had to warn you, it's in my nature of being such a wonderful person! This book was amazing and I loved every fun-filled second of it. Click to Subscribe had me with a big grin on my face one moment, to my eyes pooling out this strange salty liquid at the next, only to bring me back around to fits of laughter that can only be described as howling glee. 

Told through the male POV of West Ryder, aka Sam Green to all his vlog followers, is just an ordinary teen with an extraordinary tolerance of sugar. He has been dealt a short stick in life, he was really close to his mother and is still mourning over loosing her. Luckily he has his best friend Cat to lend him a shoulder whenever he needs it. And mysterious girl vlog follower Harper to help take the edge off. 

When one day they plan to meet, and it turns out that Harper and Cat are the same person. West has to learn to accept that the cyber-girl Harper, he was falling for, and his so-close-of-a-friend-she-is-more-like-a-sister Cat are one in the same. How can he risk loving someone so close to him like Cat? He is terrified of what loosing her would mean for his life if they didn't work out. Needless to say, West is going through a whole heck of a lot and be prepared for this stories epic and bumpy ride!  

My only complaint is that I want more! It would have been awesome to read more about his vlog in the beginning, what he talks about and what other kinds of followers he has. He is obsessed with Harper, and that is really what drives the story so it is understandable that it revolves around their conversations, I would have just liked a little more West or his alias Sam Green, to add layers and depth to his character. 

Anyways, I loved every minute of it. West is fun and refreshing a male main character with a sensitive side, and confident enough in himself to pull it off. He was such a relatable character. It was beautiful to be in the mind of West and to feel what he felt. I couldn't get enough of him. I felt so bad for what happened to his mom and how his life was crumbling apart. Yet he had such a light and refreshing personality that just kept me wanting more, page after page. 

<------------ Almost as good as the book!

And lets face it, Cat is the BOMB. She is what females strive to be! Nice, beautiful, kind, forgiving, and knows how to go after what she wants. [beach scene ;) I know what you were trying to do Cat you naught devil!] <--- forgive me, but you will understand once you read it! And that is exactly what you should do right now, go read it! 

Thank you Sel from Bookcase to Heaven and L.M. Augustine for allowing me to be a part of the Click to Subscribe tour. The book was wonderful and I loved every minute of it!

Rating: 5 stars!

All five baby! You deserve every one!

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  1. This sounds really cute. I love stories where friends become more. And funny stories. And I'm totally craving ice cream now. Great review!
    -Natalie @Natflix&Books

    1. I warned you! Now get ready for that craving to be intensified after you read it!